First delivery of fossil-free bio-aviation fuel to Skellefteå

On Thursday, the first shipment of fossil-free aviation fuel was delivered to Skellefteå Airport. The delivery means the starting shot to be able to offer the public sector, business and private individuals the opportunity to fly with reduced climate impact from Skellefteå Airport.

Skellefteå municipality has also, as one of the first municipalities in the country, made the decision to reduce the climate of domestic flights from Skellefteå Airport by using fossil-free aviation fuel. Skellefteå municipality is in strong development with the establishment of the battery factory Northvolt and a number of other private and public investments. The development in Skellefteå municipality requires good accessibility to the outside world and access to infrastructure within all modes of transport is therefore crucial.

  • We are expanding our port, port of Skellefteå, the government has recently presented an infrastructure bill which includes a complete completion of the Norrbotnia line and Skellefteå municipality has enabled night train traffic from 2022.
    But to cope with fast transports within and outside Sweden, the availability of good air connections is crucial for the region’s continued development, says Evelina Fahlesson (S), municipal councilor in Skellefteå.

In Sweden, a reduction obligation is now being introduced, which entails a legal requirement for fuel suppliers to reduce fossil aviation fuel by mixing fossil-free aviation fuel.
However, Skellefteå Municipality wants to proceed faster and has therefore decided that all Skellefteå Municipality’s domestic flights from Skellefteå Airport will be made with fossil-free aviation fuel.

  • The development of the airport must go hand in hand with the sustainability goals. That is why we keep our airport at the forefront of the transition. We are at the forefront of phasing out fossil aviation fuel so that future air travel can be both time-efficient and sustainable.
    The region needs an airport at the forefront of the transition that can handle our need for passenger transport to the industry that creates the green society of the future, says Evelina Fahlesson.

Skellefteå Airport is driving the development of future fossil-free transport together with, among others, Skellefteå Kraft, Northvolt, InnoEnergy and Skellefteå Sience City. In 2021, charging infrastructure for electric aircraft will also be installed.

  • We work actively with the green transition and drive the development of both electric and hydrogen aircraft.
    Making it possible for the region’s public sector, business and private individuals to fly with reduced climate impact is an important step in the transition, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

The fossil-free fuel is supplied by AirBP. The raw material is used cooking oil, but alternative aviation fuels for today’s aircraft can also be produced from residues from the forest and food industry, household waste and also carbon dioxide collected from the air.
In Sweden, a number of development projects of this type are currently underway.