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Investment in hydrogen powered aircraft in Skellefteå

Together with Skellefteå Kraft, ZeroAvia and the airline BRA, Skellefteå Airport is making a joint investment in hydrogen-powered aviation in Sweden.
The initiative is part of the ELIS development program to accelerate the development of electrified aviation.

The initiative is based on ZeroAvia’s technology to develop a hydrogen-powered powertrain that can be integrated into existing aircraft models.
The initiative is divided into three parts. The first step is a joint feasibility study that will look at the commercial conditions for regional hydrogen-powered air traffic with Skellefteå as a starting point. The feasibility study will also identify the conditions and structure for the second stage. This means setting up a demonstration program in Skellefteå. The entire value chain will be demonstrated, from the production and distribution of green hydrogen to handling and refueling in the airport environment and actual flights on selected test routes to and from Skellefteå. The third step involves commercial implementation and will build on the knowledge gained from the previous work.

Hydrogen-powered aviation is an extremely interesting solution to increase regional accessibility in a sustainable way. Skellefteå and all of northern Sweden are dependent on increased accessibility in the future and through this investment we want to be at the forefront of developing technology, business models and infrastructure, says Robert Lindberg, CEO Skellefteå Airport.

Hydrogen-powered flight, where the electric motor is powered by a fuel cell, is a form of electric flight. ZeroAvia is at the international forefront of this technology and has completed a number of successful test flights in the UK.

-“We have assembled an extremely competent consortium. The opportunity to test in the harsh conditions in Skellefteå during parts of the year is also important to demonstrate that the technology works. “Access to green hydrogen from Skellefteå Kraft is also a key component,” says Robert Lindberg.

-Skellefteå Kraft wants to contribute to the transition to sustainable aviation. “We are still at a very early stage when it comes to hydrogen, but we believe that renewable hydrogen is an opportunity and part of the solution to the energy and climate challenges,” says Joachim Nordin, CEO of Skellefteå Kraft.


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CEO Program Manager ELIS
Skellefteå Airport Skellefteå Airport
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ELIS is a development program aimed at accelerating the development of electrified aviation with aircraft, eVTOL and drones. It is partly about developing a test bed in Skellefteå, among others. with the possibility to test vehicles and sub-components in real-life conditions. It is also about working on the conditions for a rapid commercial implementation in Skellefteå and the rest of the Nordic region.
Finally, it is about creating a platform for collaboration between manufacturers, researchers and private and public actors in the ecosystem. ELIS funding comes from Skellefteå Municipality, Skellefteå Airport and Skellefteå Kraft, as well as from projects within the framework of the development program. www.elisprogram.com