Parking and communications

Airport bus

Easy and environmentally friendly, you get into town with the airport buses. In connection with SAS, the airport bus runs all regular departures to Arlanda and all regular arrivals from Arlanda.

You will find the airport bus’ timetable and price list here .

Rental car

  • Avis 0910-150 00 (+46 910 150 00)
  • Europcar 0910-173 33 (+46 910 173 33) 
  • Hertz 0910-380 00 (+46 910 380 00)
  • Mabi 0910-711 300 (+46 910 711 300)


If you arrive at Skellefteå Airport by car, you are welcome to park in one of our car parks. Our parking consists of three different areas; a free car park, a paid long-term car park and a short-term car park. In the short-term parking, there are four special places for e-cars with charging posts that provide 22kW per outlet. On the paid long-term parking there are ten charging posts for e-cars.

Opening hours
The airport gate opens 1 hour before the first departure and closes 45 minutes after the last arrival. Before Ryanairs departures and charter departures, the gate opens 2 hours before departure.

Free parking
We offer free parking when you fly from Skellefteå Airport on our special free parking. In the free car park, you are welcome to park regardless of how long you are to be away or if you travel regularly or charter. You do not need a parking permit to stand in the free car park.

When you arrive at the airport, park your car in the area directly to the right after the gate that is signposted with “Free parking”.

For those who want engine heaters and deductibles, we refer to our paid long-term parking.

Short-term parking
Our short-term parking is close to the terminal building. For SEK 10, you can stand for 30 minutes, smoothly and easily when you just have to pick up or leave someone on the flight. There are two ticket machines in the area, the ticket must be visible in the windshield.

Long-term parking
Our paid long-term parking is conveniently located close to the terminal and the parking fee also includes insurance if the accident occurs when you are parked.

Price SEK with engine heater
Per 30 minutes: SEK 10
Per day: max SEK 150
Per week: The first week SEK 700, then per week a maximum of SEK 325

Payment at the terminal and at the exit barrier
You can choose between paying at the toll booth inside the terminal building or outside at the exit barrier. If you drove into the area by car by printing a parking ticket, you can pay for your parking via it. If you want to pay for your parking at the exit, you draw the same debit card or enter the parking ticket and draw your debit card.

Quick guide parking:
1. Draw a debit card or press a ticket. The boom opens.
2. Drive into the area and park the car.
3. Check in and travel.
4. Come back.
5. Pay for the time you parked in the terminal or at the exit barrier. *

* You can pay with a ticket or debit card. If you have a ticket, you can choose to pay inside the terminal before departure by car.

The long-term parking at the airport is not connected to SkePark, Skellefteå municipality’s payment solution for parking in Skellefteå.

Annual parking
For those who travel often, we recommend annual parking. The subscription applies to any place in our long-term parking with or without engine heater. You will receive a keycard per parking space that you use when entering and exiting. Order annual parking? Contact Jeanette Morén, e-mail: .

Price SEK with engine heater (excluding VAT):
per year: SEK 7,500
per half year: SEK 4,050

Price SEK without engine heater (excluding VAT):
per year: SEK 5,200
per half year: SEK 3,000

Has the accident occurred? Skellefteå Airport provides insurance for all travelers who park in the airport’s long-term car park. The insurance covers the deductible that affects the traveler in connection with a damage that occurs in the car park and which is reimbursed from the regular car insurance. Read more about the insurance here .

Starting aid
At Skellefteå Airport, you can get help starting your car if the battery has discharged. For those of you who parked in our paid long-term parking, the start aid is included in the parking fee. For those who park in our free parking, we charge a fee of SEK 200.

Due to the insurance liability, you must connect the unit to your car yourself. The service with starting aid does not apply to electric cars or plug-in hybrids.


By taxi you get a smooth transfer to and from Skellefteå Airport. The taxi zone with available and pre-booked taxis is located just outside the arrival hall. Drivers of vacant taxis stand inside the arrival hall. Drivers of pre-ordered taxis are also waiting here. Taxi companies often charge a fixed price, but always ask for a price before the trip begins.

At Skellefteå Airport there are the following taxi companies with transponders and agreements with the airport.

  • City Taxi Skellefteå, 0910-130 00 (+46 910 130 00)
  • Your Taxi in Skellefteå, 0910-960 00 (+46 910 96000)
  • Hello Taxi, 076-777 79 55 (+46 76 777 7955)
  • Jalla Jalla Taxi, 0910-820 00 (+46 910 820 00)
  • Low price taxi Skellefteå, 0910-180 00 (+46 910 180 00)
  • Skellefteå Taxi, 0910-170 00 (+46 910 170 00)

Air taxi

Pre-book together with your flight ticket.
Air taxi +46 8 120 920 00