Road work!

The Swedish Transport Administration will reinforce road 774 from the intersection with road 364 (Burträskvägen) to approx. 100 m south of the entrance to the airport. The work begins in June and takes a winter break on 9/30. Traffic will be diverted to E4. Read more on the Trafikverket’s website here:–ygplats-orrbacken-forstarkning-av-vag/#om_projektet

Between August 7 and August 18, the Swedish Transport Administration will work on changing the asphalt on the E4 south of Bureå. It will be between 06:00 and 20:00 in the evening and it will also mean that it will be more difficult to get to the place. The traffic will be regulated with either pilots or traffic lights. Lanes will be closed while the work is in progress. So you have to count on waiting times. We would like to encourage travelers to plan their journey and start in good time for the airport. It is also important to take into account those who work on the roads and keep the speed down.

Quick recovery for Skellefteå Airport

The number of passengers traveling to or from Skellefteå Airport has recovered rapidly since the pandemic restrictions were lifted. The traffic statistics for April 2022 show that the number of passengers was more compared to the same month in 2019.

In April 2022, 22,774 passengers flew to or from Skellefteå Airport. In April 2019, when the pandemic had not yet struck, the corresponding figure was 20,302. This is an increase of 2,472 travelers or 10.8 percent. These figures also show the rapid recovery for the airport since April 2021 when only 5,388 passengers flew to or from Skellefteå.

– It is an equally fast and gratifying recovery. It is proof that people long for the world after two years of restrictions but also a proof of the role that Skellefteå Airport plays for both individuals and companies in the region’s ongoing societal development, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

Despite the pandemic, Skellefteå Airport has continued to work on developing its offering. Earlier this spring, both BRA and Ryanair resumed the departures that were paused during the pandemic and during the summer, BRA will fly from Skellefteå and Gothenburg and to Visby during Almedalen Week.

– We have not been lazy during the pandemic but continued to develop Skellefteå Airport for the future. Good aviation communications are extremely important for the development of the municipality and the region, and we want to be at the forefront when it comes to both supply and climate, says Robert Lindberg