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SAS expands traffic between Skellefteå and Stockholm

Due to the strong growth of the Skellefteå region, the airline SAS has decided to expand air traffic between Skellefteå and Stockholm.
From April 8, two new frequencies will be added on the most popular departure times, Monday morning and Thursday afternoon when travel demand is highest.

Skellefteå Airport is one of the Nordic airports with the highest passenger growth. This is of course due to the strong regional growth with many new industrial establishments and thus a high level of commuting and migration.
Increased air traffic is therefore crucial for the region’s continued expansion and the opportunities for businesses and residents to reach the outside world.
Due to the positive development of the region, the airline SAS has decided to increase air traffic to and from Skellefteå Airport on Mondays and Thursdays when travel demand is highest.
An extra departure on Monday morning at 07:00 from Arlanda and a new departure from Skellefteå at 17:10 on Thursdays provide the opportunity for longer stays in Skellefteå. In addition, there will be major improvements for those who commute weekly to or from Skellefteå, something that has been requested by the local business community.
The flights will start on April 8 and are planned to be operated with modern Airbus 320 neo.

– Traffic to and from Skellefteå is experiencing fantastic growth and SAS naturally wants to continue to contribute to this positive development by offering good and frequent flight connections. What we see as extra interesting with the travelers to and from Skellefteå is that there is a focus on sustainable travel as many companies locally choose to travel on tickets that include biofuel. We are constantly evaluating the regional market and if the positive development continues, we can hopefully develop the traffic further, says Irena Busic Head of Media Relations Sweden SAS.

– “We are extremely pleased that SAS has now decided to expand air traffic to and from Skellefteå Airport. These two frequencies on Mondays and Thursdays have been in high demand because the need is so great. The expansion will be especially important for the increased commuting to or from Skellefteå, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

Facts about the flights
Mondays: Take-off ARN 07:00, Landing SFT 08:10, Take-off SFT 08:40, Landing ARN 09:50
Thursdays: Take-off ARN 15:30, Landing SFT 16:40, Take-off SFT 17:10, Landing ARN 18:20