Sweden’s most powerful electricity supply for aviation inaugurated at Skellefteå Airport

Photo: Patrick Degerman
Photo: Patrick Degerman

On Friday, Västerbotten’s Governor Helene Hellmark Knutsson inaugurated Sweden’s most powerful electricity supply for aviation at Skellefteå Airport. It is an important step in the journey towards commercial electric air traffic. Behind the investment are Skellefteå Airport and Skellefteå Kraft. In connection with the inauguration, Sweden’s northernmost flight to date was also made with an electric aircraft. “We want to be the airport of the future for electrified aviation. Initially, it will be about test operations for take-off, landing and charging in a realistic environment. In a few years’ time, the goal is to be able to offer some of the first commercial electric airlines in Europe, ”says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

Last year, an investment was made that makes it possible to charge flying electrified vehicles. The connection is now ready for use. The charging station enables 1 MW of available power for electric aviation, which is sufficient for fast charging of several smaller electric aircraft at the same time.

With the infrastructure in place, Skellefteå is ready to take the next step in the development of electrified aviation. Part of this is the development program ELIS – Electrified Aviation in Skellefteå. It is a collaboration between Skellefteå Airport, Skellefteå Kraft, Northvolt, Skellefteå Science City and EIT InnoEnergy.

– Skellefteå is the right place for this venture. We have an airport with available space, Skellefteå Kraft with research, development and production of renewable electricity and both Northvolt and EIT InnoEnergy in the region. In addition, as of this autumn, we have climate-smart flight training on site through Green Flight Academy, says Robert Lindberg.

With the extensive electrification that the world is facing, completely new opportunities are created in aviation. With electric flying, the chance is given to be able to offer sustainable accessibility for both society, companies and private individuals, and in connection with Friday’s inauguration, both aircraft and charging structure were shown.


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