Road work!

The Swedish Transport Administration will reinforce road 774 from the intersection with road 364 (Burträskvägen) to approx. 100 m south of the entrance to the airport. The work begins in June and takes a winter break on 9/30. Traffic will be diverted to E4. Read more on the Trafikverket’s website here:–ygplats-orrbacken-forstarkning-av-vag/#om_projektet

Between August 7 and August 18, the Swedish Transport Administration will work on changing the asphalt on the E4 south of Bureå. It will be between 06:00 and 20:00 in the evening and it will also mean that it will be more difficult to get to the place. The traffic will be regulated with either pilots or traffic lights. Lanes will be closed while the work is in progress. So you have to count on waiting times. We would like to encourage travelers to plan their journey and start in good time for the airport. It is also important to take into account those who work on the roads and keep the speed down.

The first permanently placed electric aircraft has arrived at Skellefteå Airport

Now the first two electric planes that the flight school Green Flight Academy will use in its flight school have arrived at Skellefteå Airport. The aircraft is among the first to be permanently based at an airport in Scandinavia and will be used for the company’s green flight training.

Skellefteå Airport is one of the leading airports in Sweden in terms of green conversion. The airport has its own fossil-free operations, access to fossil-free bio-aviation fuel and inaugurated in August Sweden’s most powerful charging infrastructure for electric aircraft, which led to the establishment of the world’s greenest commercial aviation school Green Flight Academy. The flight school will, when the business is fully developed, train up to 100 students annually and also mean about 20 new jobs.

  • One of the world’s first fossil-free airports and a green flight school that both have a commitment to implementing a green transformation of the aviation industry is a perfect match. This, together with a municipality and region that is a leader in climate work, means great opportunities. Green Flight Academy is now starting up the business with the goal of reaching 100 students, says Olov Hultin, CEO of Green Flight Academy

Green flight Academy has an order for ten electric aircraft of the brand Pipistrel Velis Electro, two of which have now been delivered and another eight will be delivered in 2022. The aircraft is the first certified electric aircraft in the world. The business will be conducted alternately between Skellefteå Airport and Campus Skellefteå.

  • We at Skellefteå Airport are very happy about Green Flight Academy’s establishment. The establishment creates local jobs at the same time as we drive the development of fossil-free transport forward, says Skellefteå Airport’s CEO Robert Lindberg

For more information:

Olov Hultin Robert Lindberg
Green Flight Academy Skellefteå Airport
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