Road between Deia - Sollér

Ving invests in direct flights from Skellefteå Airport

Road between Deia – Sollér

Next year, Ving is investing in popular charter departures to the Swedes’ favourite Mediterranean islands. The last time the tour operator offered direct charters to Mallorca from Skellefteå Airport was in 2019, but in the spring and summer of 2023 it will once again become a reality. In addition, Ving also offers direct charters from Skellefteå to Gran Canaria next winter.

Ving will fly to Mallorca with BRA, with whom the tour operator entered into a partnership last summer. The first departure will be on 29 April and thereafter departures will be offered every Saturday until 17 June. The route will reopen on 5 August and continue into the autumn until 30 September.

– It’s been three years since we last offered travel from Skellefteå, but now we’re going all out with 17 departures to Mallorca next summer. We know that Skellefteå is growing like crazy and therefore it feels important that we can offer good and expanded holiday connections, from the local home airport directly to the immensely popular Mallorca, says Claes Pellvik, Ving’s Head of Communications.

Ving’s investment in direct flights is also a welcome initiative for Skellefteå Airport:

– The Skellefteå region is in a very expansive phase and the rapid population growth is also increasing the need for holiday travel. We are therefore very pleased about the large establishment that Ving is now presenting in Skellefteå. Our central location in northern Norrland is optimal for charter travel, so I am convinced that the flights to Mallorca will be a great success, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

New this year is that Ving also offers winter trips from Skellefteå to Gran Canaria, starting on 19 December this winter until 3 April next spring.

– We know that demand for travel from Skellefteå is high, which is why it feels great that Ving can offer charters during the winter season as well. We have a wide range of hotels in Gran Canaria and the stable weather allows for everything from sunbathing and swimming to exciting excursions such as hiking in the mountains,” says Claes Pellvik, Ving’s Head of Communications.

Vings departures to Mallorca from Skellefteå Airport summer 2023
29 April – 17 June
5 August – 30 September

For questions, please contact:
Claes Pellvik, Head of Communications Ving,, 0709-513032