Already more passengers at Skellefteå Airport than all of 2019 and 2022

The number of passengers traveling to and from Skellefteå Airport continues to increase.
Until the end of October, 290,697 travelers have traveled to or from Skellefteå, which means that the airport has already had more travelers than both the full year 2019 and 2022.

It is clear that the green transition in Skellefteå needs good air connections.
Skellefteå Airport is today one of the few airports in Sweden that shows a growth higher than in 2019, before the corona pandemic.

Up to and including October, 290,697 passengers have used the airport, which is 71,273 (+32.5%) more than in 2022 and 49,866 (+20.7%) more than in 2019.

The monthly statistics for October also show a growth in travel as the airport had 31,756 travelers, which is one of the best October months in the airport’s history.
The increase in October 2023 compared to 2019 was +2,093 (+6.8%) and compared to 2022 was +5,236 (+19.1%).


This means that Skellefteå Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the Nordic region and the development is expected to continue.

Skellefteå Airport has a fantastic passenger increase and we believe that we will reach about 345,000 travelers before the end of the year .

The increase is of course due to the regional growth in Skellefteå municipality, which is in great need of good passenger transportation, says Robert Lindberg CEO of Skellefteå Airport.