Limited opening hours due to Covid-19


Monday – Wednesday: 05:25-19:30
Thursday: 05:25-22:45
Friday: 05:25-20:00
Saturday: 08:30-11:30
Sunday: 11:30-22:45

The airport gate have open during this time. When the gate to the airport is closed, the parking areas are not accessible.

You can travel to the following countries as a Swedish citizen

Requirements for a negative covid test, vaccination and various restrictions apply when entering most countries. For current information and what applies to your destination, visit or

For other countries, the dissuasion applies until 31 May 2021.

Last updated: 2021-05-31

Welcome to Skellefteå Airport

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Todays Arrivals

Time From Line Note Airline
22:30 Stockholm SAS - SK1018 SK1018 Landed 22:26 SAS

Todays Departures

There are no more departures today

  • Arrivals
  • Departures

Arrivals today

Time From Line Note Airline
22:30 Stockholm SAS - SK1018 SK1018 Landed 22:26 SAS

Arrivals tomorrow

Time From Line Note Airline
12:20 Stockholm SAS - SK1014 SK1014 SAS
15:20 Stockholm SAS - SK1016 SK1016 SAS
19:15 Stockholm SAS - SK1020 SK1020 SAS

Departures today

Time From Line Note Airline

Departures tomorrow

Time From Line Note Airline
06:25 Stockholm SAS - SK1011 SK1011 SAS
12:50 Stockholm SAS - SK1015 SK1015 SAS
15:50 Stockholm SAS - SK1017 SK1017 SAS
19:45 Stockholm SAS - SK1021 SK1021 SAS

Skellefteå Airport - a fossil free airport

Green Airport – together with several other regional airports where we have set environmental goals to reduce waste, carbon dioxide and energy use. Today, the airport has fossil-free heating, fossil-free green electricity and fossil-free fuels for its vehicle fleet.


Our destinations


Upplev en av Europas mysigaste städer, med vackra byggnader , kanaler och kullerstensgator.
Januari – Mars 2022


Upplev västkustens pärla, staden som har allt för alla.
Avreseperiod 15/7 – 26/9


Längta och res till Greklands största och mest mångsidiga ö.
Inställt hösten 2021

Free parking

We offer free parking when you fly from Skellefteå Airport, on our special free parking.

Safe Traveling

Skellefteå Airport contributes to reduced spread of infection - a safe journey under Covid-19.


Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden's, Europe's, the world's first fossil-free airport. Read more about our solid environmental work.

Conference at the airport

Here at the airport we can offer 2 different conference rooms for rent.