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Road between Deia - Sollér



8 May – 12 Jun 2023


5 March 2023


Relax and feel good on one of Greece's most beloved holiday islands.
Departure period May, June, August and September 2023

Gran Canaria

Experience this wonderful island with a wonderful climate all year round.
Period of departure: December 2022-April 2023


Visit the country with lots of culture and nature in abundance.
Departure period July – August 2023

Stockholm – Bromma

Experience our wonderful capital, land at Bromma Airport and then you are quickly inside Stockholm city.
Two departures a week all year round.

Crete – Heraklion

Longing and travel to Greece's largest and most versatile island.
Departure period 18 August – 6 October 2023

Stockholm – Arlanda

Holiday in our wonderful capital, with all that Stockholm has to offer.
For the current timetable, visit SAS’s website or Ryanair’s website