Due to Deturs cancelled flights

Detur has put themselves into bankruptcy, the company announces in a press release.

We receive many questions regarding your bookings, we refer you to the Chamber of Commerce where you can apply to get money back for your canceled trip.

About the airport

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Robert Lindberg

Robert Lindberg


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Jeanette Morén


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Per-Erik Morén

Teknisk chef

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Jonas Söderlund

Operativ Chef Airside

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Linnéa Lestander

Linnéa Lestander

Operativ Chef Landside

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Duty Officer

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0910-576 00

About Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå Airport is Västerbotten’s second largest airport with a strategic location between Luleå and Umeå. The airport is owned by Skellefteå Municipality and has about 300,000 passengers per year. 2017 and 2018 were record years for the airport with more than 400,000 passengers.

The airport offers domestic scheduled flights with daily departures to Arlanda and Gothenburg during the summer, as well as charter services to Thailand, Rhodes, Crete, Turkey, Croatia, Gran Canaria, Andorra, Poland and Spain.

Find us

The airport is only 20 minutes away by car from central Skellefteå.

Flying drones

Drones are becoming increasingly popular, but it is important to know the rules that apply. When you fly drones, you are obliged to follow the laws and regulations that apply to all aviation and to fly within and above the airspace that constitutes Skellefteå’s control zone (CTR), a permit is required.

The rules that apply and whether a permit is required depend mainly on what the drone is to be used for. On the Swedish Transport Agency’s website, you can read more about the rules that apply to drones. It is also good to study the specially made map for pilots of unmanned aerial vehicles (RPAS) provided by the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration. The map has been developed to make it easier for RPAS pilots to determine where they can fly without disrupting regular air traffic.

To fly within the Skellefteå control zone and terminal area, a permit from the Skellefteå air traffic control is required. If the air traffic control is not open for the current flight, email the following information to the air traffic control:

Current area

Maximum height

Between what times you plan to fly

A telephone number that you can reach , if the flight suddenly needs to be canceled.

Do you want to get in touch with the air traffic control tower in Skellefteå?

Email or call:

E-mail : ats.skelleftea@acr-sweden.se
Phone : 0910-576 90

Airport charges

At Skellefteå Airport, local airport fees apply and aircraft that use Skellefteå Airport must pay airport fees.

Here you will find a price list that covers all take-off and landing fees, ramp and passenger fees, parking fees, security fees and other fees.

Here you will find our price list
Commercial price list 2021
Skellefteå Airport price list 2021

Personal information

On 25 May 2018, the new data protection regulation, GDPR, came into force. One of the purposes of the law is to safeguard personal integrity. The requirements for how companies handle personal data are strengthened with the new regulation.

In order to fulfill our obligations to you, as well as to be able to comply with current statutes, we need to register and process various personal data about you, where we are responsible for personal data.

We process personal data when you become a customer / supplier / employee and apply for employment with us, and also a period after your time as a customer / supplier / employee and jobseeker with us has ended. Your privacy is important to us and we therefore want you to read on to find out more.

Personal information

A personal data is all kinds of information that can be linked to you as a person, for example: name, social security number, address, IP number, contact information such as telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

Personal data manager

Skellefteå City Airport AB, Box 815 931 28 Skellefteå, corporate identity number 556510-8718 is responsible for the processing of your personal data that we do ourselves or another company does on our behalf.

Data Protection Officer

We have a data protection officer who checks that we process your personal data correctly.

Your rights

You have the right to receive information about what personal data we handle about you, a register extract. You also have the right to have incorrect personal data corrected and, under certain conditions, the right to delete personal data.

You also have the right to complain about how we process your personal data to us and to the supervisory authority, the Data Inspectorate. You can do this if you think that we do not process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Ordinance.

Read more about your rights at datainspektionen.se

Private flights

Upon arrival, pilots and passengers must go to the arrival hall via C-door. Pay attention to whether the area of authority on the plate has been established.

There is a briefing room adjacent to the departure hall, follow the signs.

Aviation fuel
For questions about refueling within published opening hours, contact Skellefteå Airport’s operations manager on telephone 0910-576 25.

Refueling in addition to published opening hours requires notification well in advance, and that a charge for extra opening hours is added.

Deviation management

Skellefteå Aviation Council

The Västerbotten Chamber of Commerce operates the Aviation Council in Skellefteå. The Swedish Aviation Council will drive the development of air connections to Skellefteå to improve the business community’s conditions for operating in the region.

Recurring topics discussed in the Council are timetable, availability, connections, service levels, routes and marketing. The emphasis is on issues that affect business travelers and incoming visitors.

The Aviation Council includes representatives of the business community, transfers, hotels, destinations, the airport and airlines.


Melinda Hedström – Chairman
Johan Sundelin – Vice Chairman

Christoffer Svanberg
Paulina Holmgren
Adil Fadi
Maria Sandström

Press and newsroom


Find out more about the possibilities for your brand to be seen at Skellefteå Airport For more information about advertising opportunities and prices, please contact Linnea Lestander.



Two different premises are available, Guldgruvan with room for approx. 10 people and Bonnstan which holds approx. 20 people.


The gold mine (with room for approx. 10 people) SEK 250 / hour, SEK 800 / half day, SEK 1,100 / full day. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Bonnstan (with room for approx. 20 people) SEK 300 / hour, SEK 900 / half day, SEK 1,400 / full day. Prices are exclusive of VAT.

Happens via Skellefteå Airport 0910 – 576 00 or info@sft.se


Skellefteå Airport protects the environment and takes that task very seriously.

We are part of a number of environmental projects, among others

Green Airport – together with several other regional airports, we have set environmental goals to reduce waste, carbon dioxide and energy use.

Fossil-free airport:

Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden, Europe’s and the World’s first fossil-free airports. In 2020, the airport had for the first time a zero emission of fossil carbon dioxide, something that measurements carried out in accordance with the Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT) show. Today, the airport has fossil-free heating, fossil-free green electricity and fossil-free fuels for its vehicle fleet.

The strategic and operational work of becoming a fossil-free airport has in recent years been carried out purposefully through a transition to:

  • Fossil-free heating with biofuel
  • Fossil-free electricity consumption through certified green electricity
  • Fossil-free fuels for vehicles through electricity and the biofuel HVO-100


We are looking for a traffic assistant / inspector

If you like meeting new people and with a positive attitude provide the best possible service then you are the right person for us.

Skellefteå Airport has had a very positive development in recent years and now we need to strengthen our team at Landside. As an employee at Skellefteå Airport, you have an important role to play in ensuring that our travelers have a positive experience of the airport.

Your work assignments

You will serve as a traffic assistant / controller. The service includes all existing tasks at Landside, which includes standing at the security checkpoint, assisting with check-in and performing cleaning between departures. Skellefteå Airport applies the Basic Airport approach. The basic idea at Basic Airport is that a large part of the staff should have several skills to be able to perform several different tasks. It is your level of competence and education that governs what tasks you perform and the aim is for you to have as many competencies as possible. This leads to a flexible way of working where you are constantly evolving in new areas and thus contribute to the entire airport’s operation and development. The work involves shift work as we are open according to our customers’ traffic programs, which means that early mornings, late evenings and weekends are frequent.

Your profile

As a person, you are meticulous, punctual and have a sense of detail. Furthermore, you are a communicative person who is easy to work with in groups as well as independently. Since you will often work under time pressure, you must have a good mood, patience and be able to handle stress. We offer an exciting work environment where safety is always the highest priority, but where professionalism, service and efficiency also permeate our joint work.


  • At least 18 years old.
  • Good knowledge of Swedish and English.
  • Meritorious
  • Travel industry experience
  • God datavana
  • Form of employment

We are looking for staff for the following positions:

  • Temporary position that can lead to permanent employment.
  • Hourly employment.


To be able to work at Skellefteå Airport, you must undergo a security check. The security check includes a register check at the Swedish Transport Agency, an extract from the Police Authority’s load register and that you must be able to present a certificate of employment five years back (work, education, etc.)


Send your CV by e-mail to linnea.lestander@sft.se

Selection and interviews will take place on an ongoing basis and positions may be filled before the last day for application expires.

Welcome with your application no later than June 30, 2021.