Free long-term parking at Skellefteå Airport

From June 1th, all travelers traveling from Skellefteå Airport will be able to park for free. The offer applies to the current free charter parking, which now will be open for travelers. Free parking is a part of Skellefteå Airport’s strategy to make it more attractive to fly to and from Skellefteå and thus contribute to the region’s growth in the long run.

Skellefteå Airport has since 2009 grown with 75,000 travelers and there is potential for further growth. As both SAS and Norwegian, from March 26th, operate the rute between Skellefteå and Stockholm-Arlanda, and that in 2017 there are about 100 charter flights from Skellefteå Airport, the airport will hit new passenger records. Already in January, number of passangers increased by 14 percent compared with January 2016.

-We have been working towards increasing the supply at Skellefteå Airport and now we are seeing the results. With the introduction of free parking, the hope is to attract even more passengers, thus creating a broad passenger base for all airlines at Skellefteå Airport, ”said Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

 -We continue to improve and strengthen our offer to and from Skellefteå and to make life easier for our travelers, and we are happy that there is now also free parking in connection with the airport,” says Anders Wahlström, Sales Manager, SAS Sweden.

The development that is now taking place at Skellefteå Airport is unprecedented in Swedish domestic flights. Norwegian’s establishment between Skellefteå and Stockholm Arlanda adds another 850 departures to SAS 1,400 departures, providing new opportunities for travel to and from the region.

 -To offer travelers free parking at Skellefteå Airport is extremely generous and makes it easy for those who travel from the airport. With Norwegian’s daily departures to Stockholm Arlanda,passengers in the region can easily travel further inside and outside Europe without having to think about the parking, says Norwegian’s Head of Communications Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson.

 -The hope is, of course, that passenger volume will increase so that all operators can survive. However, we have a threat in the proposed aviation tax, but by introducing the option of free parking, we relieve that effect, thus giving our airlines better survival opportunities, which is crucial for the growth of the Skellefteå region, said Robert Lindberg, CEO, Skellefteå Airport.