New direct flight between Amsterdam and Skellefteå increases tourism to Swedish Lapland.

The Dutch charter operator Voigt Travel has decided to expand its charter flights with direct flights from Amsterdam Schiphol to Skellefteå Airport in the winter season 2022. Voigt Travel will be every week during the period
January 30 – March 13 to fly winter-hungry tourists to Skellefteå and tourist attractions in Swedish Lapland. In addition, travel from Skellefteå will be possible through a collaboration between Voigt Travel and the local travel agency Reseproducenten.

Voigt Travel has previously operated a number of flights from the Netherlands to Skellefteå during the summer period, which proved to be very successful.
Now the company chooses to also establish a winter series to Skellefteå and experiences in Swedish Lapland.
Voigt Travel has also intensified its collaboration with the airline Transavia, which will operate the flights during the winter season 2021/2022. The existing range of destinations that have already been served directly in recent years are Kuusamo, Kittilä, Ivalo and Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland and Akureyri in northern Iceland.
This is now being expanded with the new winter destination Skellefteå in Swedish Lapland. During the period 30 January – 13 March 2022, a total of up to 1,000 guests will arrive in Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland, which in turn can mean up to 7,000 new guest nights in tourism and the hotel industry in North and Västerbotten.

Through a unique collaboration between Voigt Travel and the local travel agency Reseproducenten, it will also be possible to use the airline for package tours to Amsterdam or for, for example, the business community’s need for direct flights.

– I am very proud of the addition of this new direct flight connection to our original winter offer. Swedish Lapland has everything needed to create an optimal winter experience. In addition, this authentic destination fits in extremely well with the traveler’s current need for freedom and nature. The demand for special winter trips is increasing and with the direct flight connection from Amsterdam to Skellefteå, we can meet the traveler’s wishes and make Swedish Lapland available to our customers. With the intensification of our collaboration with Transavia, we have a good capacity for the winter season 2021/2022 and we are confident that our nineteenth winter season with direct flights to northern Europe will be a success, says Marloes Meijer, CEO of Voigt Travel.

-This is great news. Through direct flights from Amsterdam, Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland are opened up to a new large international market, which has positive effects for the tourism industry in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. That we can also offer private individuals or companies to use the direct flight route to Amsterdam-Schiphol is very important as our long-term goal is to get direct traffic to the major airport hubs in Europe, says Skellefteå Airport’s CEO Robert Lindberg.

-In Skellefteå, significant investments are underway, which places great demands on accessibility to the outside world. Through our collaboration with Voigt Travel, the route can also be used by private individuals or business trips to both the city of Amsterdam and one of the world’s largest airports Amsterdam-Schiphol, which we hope is the start of a future regular flight connection, says the Travel Producer’s CEO Jenny Andersson


Charter operator Voigt Travel
Airline Transavia
Route Amsterdam Schiphol AMS – Skellefteå Airport SFT
Chairs 189
Date 30 January 2022 – 13 March 2022

Trips from Skellefteå can be booked via the Travel Producer Skellefteå

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