Nazar and TUI open new destination from Skellefteå Airport

The charter operators Nazar and TUI choose to establish charter trips from Skellefteå Airport to Turkish tourist resorts such as Alanya, Antalya, Belek, Kemer and Side. The trips start on August 19 and run until September 23. Nazar is part of the TUI Group, the world’s leading travel company, operating in over 180 destinations, with […]

Strong start for Skellefteå Airport

During March, a total of 28,852 travelers traveled to or from Skellefteå Airport. This is 7,589 (+35.7%) more than last year, but also 2,314 (+8.7%) more than in 2019, the last comparable normal year before the coronavirus pandemic.   Skellefteå Airport is one of the fastest recovering airports in Sweden after the corona pandemic. Now […]

Investment in hydrogen powered aircraft in Skellefteå

Together with Skellefteå Kraft, ZeroAvia and the airline BRA, Skellefteå Airport is making a joint investment in hydrogen-powered aviation in Sweden. The initiative is part of the ELIS development program to accelerate the development of electrified aviation. The initiative is based on ZeroAvia’s technology to develop a hydrogen-powered powertrain that can be integrated into existing […]

Strong recovery for Skellefteå Airport

In 2022, 267,516 travellers travelled to or from Skellefteå, which is 139,078 more travellers than in 2021. The number of domestic passengers was 259 844, an increase of 132 107. This means that the number of domestic travellers was only 5 608 fewer passengers than the number of passengers the airport had in 2019 before […]

Apollo’s new flight routes give Skellefteå more Greek destinations to visit

Apollo’s new flight routes give Skellefteå more Greek destinations to visit After the corona pandemic, the number of passengers from Skellefteå Airport has increased dramatically. The growth of the region, an optimal geographical location and the possibility of free parking are some of the reasons for the strong expansion. The tour operator Apollo is now […]

Ving invests in direct flights from Skellefteå Airport

Next year, Ving is investing in popular charter departures to the Swedes’ favourite Mediterranean islands. The last time the tour operator offered direct charters to Mallorca from Skellefteå Airport was in 2019, but in the spring and summer of 2023 it will once again become a reality. In addition, Ving also offers direct charters from […]

TUI invests heavily in travel from Skellefteå

The charter company TUI is significantly increasing its departures from Skellefteå Airport to the Greek island of Rhodes in 2023. During the period 19/5 – 16/6 and 4/8 – 22/9 2023, 13 departures will be available from Skellefteå Airport. Travel to and from Skellefteå is growing. This is primarily due to the region’s expansive growth […]

Ryanair expands service between Skellefteå and Stockholm Arlanda

From 27 March 2023, Ryanair will increase departures between Skellefteå and Stockholm from three to five flights per week. The reason for the increase is that flights on the route have been popular and have had a high fill rate. The airline Ryanair previously moved its base to Stockholm Arlanda, allowing domestic traffic in Sweden. […]

Successful wing drone flights between Skellefteå Airport and Northvolt Ett

Skellefteå’s ELIS programme – an up-and-coming hub for the development and commercialisation of electric aviation – provides the space and competence needed to test, develop and certify vehicles, components and supporting infrastructure in real conditions. During 20–22 September, a number of Beyond Visual Line of Sight flights were conducted between Skellefteå Airport and Northvolt’s gigafactory […]

Strong growth for Skellefteå Airport

The number of passengers travelling to or from Skellefteå Airport has recovered quickly after the corona pandemic. The traffic statistics for August 2022 show a growth in the number of domestic passengers of +16.7% compared to the same month in 2019. In August 2022, 22,005 domestic passengers flew to or from Skellefteå Airport, which is […]

Detur will suspend charter traffic in autumn 2022

Detur has decided to review its operations in order to restart with the recapitalization of the company while a reorganization is carried out, including the introduction of improved and developed technology to better meet future challenges. As this involves changes to the organisation and its processes, production and operations will be temporarily suspended for a […]

Direct flights from Skellefteå to Gran Canaria

The charter companies TUI and Ving have decided to re-establish charter flights from Skellefteå Airport to the popular holiday resort of Gran Canaria. The trips that are in high demand will start on 19/12 2022 and last until 3/4 2023. During the corona pandemic, charter trips have been difficult to implement, this has led to […]

Ving launches flights to Mallorca from Skellefteå

The charter company Ving has decided to offer direct flights from Skellefteå Airport to one of Europe’s most popular destinations, Mallorca. The flights will take place in the spring and autumn of 2023 and are made possible by a new partnership between Ving and the airline BRA. The Spanish destination Mallorca is one of the […]

New flight routes in the Kvarken region – the region is getting ready for electric flights

During the spring, work has been intensive within the FAIR electric aviation project and especially between Skellefteå Airport (SFT) and Kokkola-Jakobstad Airport (KOK) to establish a new scheduled airline. On Thursday 9 June, the actors gathered at both airports to hold two press conferences for the purpose and to announce the new cooperation, the background […]

Quick recovery for Skellefteå Airport

The number of passengers traveling to or from Skellefteå Airport has recovered rapidly since the pandemic restrictions were lifted. The traffic statistics for April 2022 show that the number of passengers was more compared to the same month in 2019. In April 2022, 22,774 passengers flew to or from Skellefteå Airport. In April 2019, when […]