We follow recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency, from airlines we act on and other relevant authorities regarding Covid-19.

Attention: From 06dec 2021 it is again mandatory to use facemask on domestic flights in Sweden! 

– In the terminal, we want you to keep distance.

– Please check in at home (via the airlines web / app).

You can buy facemask in our gateshop or at the Information desk in the departure hall.

You can travel to the following countries as a Swedish citizen

Requirements for a negative covid test, vaccination and various restrictions apply when entering most countries. For current information and what applies to your destination, visit or

For other countries, the dissuasion applies until 31 May 2021.

Last updated: 2021-05-31

Skellefteå Airport and Husqvarna in innovative collaboration

Skellefteå Airport and Husqvarna have started a collaboration for testing autonomous vehicles in complex environments and during the summer, the first machine at Skellefteå Airport was put into operation.

Skellefteå Airport works with development in electrified aviation, procurement of bio-aviation fuel and today has a fossil-free business.
Sustainability work is now continuing by assisting in the development of autonomous vehicles for airport operations. Husqvarna and Skellefteå Airport have begun a joint three-year collaboration where Husqvarna will test machines and systems for autonomous operation at Skellefteå Airport.

  • The airport of the future will be environmentally friendly, more automated and electrified. Skellefteå Airport is one of the airports in Sweden that drives the green conversion and the collaboration with Husqvarna comes as a natural step in our conversion process, says Per-Erik Morén Technical Manager at Skellefteå Airport.

The first vehicle to be automated at Skellefteå Airport is a hybrid lawnmower with a capacity of 10,000 m 2 / h, as well as a system for controlling autonomous machines in complex environments. During the three-year collaboration, Husqvarna will work with the development and verification of technology for the autonomous airport, as well as collect data on productivity. The establishment will also be able to act as a reference installation for additional customers both nationally and internationally.

  • Husqvarna is the market leader in the development and manufacture of outdoor products such as robotic lawnmowers and chainsaws. As part of developing and leading automation, the company invests large resources in automation and digitization. Through the collaboration with Skellefteå Airport, we get a partner who is at the forefront of the green transition and who together with us can contribute to the development of an efficient and electrified society, says Micael Hafström, Business Developer – Husqvarna AB

For more information

Per-Erik Morén Micael Hafström
Technical Manager Business Developer
Skellefteå Airport Husqvarna AB
+46 70 669 55 99 +46 708 781636