Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden’s, Europe’s and the world’s first fossil-free airports

Skellefteå Airport is one of Sweden’s, Europe’s and probably the world’s first fossil-free airports. In 2020, the airport reported a zero-emission of fossilized CO2 for the first time ever, which was confirmed by measuring according to Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT). Today, Skellefteå Airport utilizes fossil-free heating, energy and fuel and are now presenting more initiatives for faster environmental transition.


Skellefteå Airport’s holistic solution for a fossil-free airport

Over the last couple of years, Skellefteå Airport has been working strategically and operatively with the goal of becoming fossil-free by transitioning to:

  • Fossil-free heating using biofuel
  • Fossil-free energy through certified green energy
  • Fossil-free fuel for vehicles through electric and biofuel HVO100

By measuring the airport’s total CO2 emission, according to Airport Carbon and Emissions Reporting Tool (ACERT), results show great holistic and long-term implementation. With zero CO2 emission Skellefteå Airport stands as a role model for both national and international airports, as well as a prime example for other businesses.


Three initiatives for green transitioning in 2021

Skellefteå Airport are cooperating with Skellefteå Kraft, Skellefteå Science City, Sustainable Skellefteå, Northvolt and InnoEnergy, among others, in several projects to realize green transitioning and to showcase all the work that is done in the region regarding testing, research and development.

The focus is in developing electric and hydrogen aircrafts and to increase aviation biofuel availability, thus replacing fossil fuel with fossil-free.

Several other steps will be implemented in 2021 to make Skellefteå Airport one of the first airports with a holistic solution for fossil-free air travel.

  • Skellefteå Airport implements charging infrastructure for electrically powered aircrafts
    In the spring of 2021, Sweden’s most powerful energy supply station will be installed to enable charging of electrically powered airplanes. The infrastructure and supply station will serve both electrically powered conventional takeoff and landing and vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts.
  • Skellefteå Airport offers aviation biofuel
    In 2020, Skellefteå Airport cooperated with several other Swedish airports to increase availability of fossil-free aviation fuel (Biojet).
    In 2021, it will be ready to use at Skellefteå Aiport, making it one of the first airports in Sweden with fossil-free aviation fuel.
    Through locally supplied Biojet it will also boost the market for biofuel in general, which in turn increases possibilities for locally produced biofuel, and reduces the carbon footprint of air travel.
  • Skellefteå Airport develops hydrogen powered aircrafts
    Skellefteå Airport is also contributing to development of hydrogen powered aircrafts. In 2021, Skellefteå Airport aims to establish deals with industrial partners regarding development of hydrogen powered aircrafts.


  • The ongoing green transitioning is one of our most prioritized development areas. We are proud to lead the way and to contribute to further development. By combining innovation with long-term solutions we will work together to create a better life for future generations, which is also why it is so important to work with the right partners. I confidently look forward to what this years efforts will result in, both for us as environmentally focused airport and for the industry, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.


  • The Skellefteå region boasts unique possibilities in developing fossil-free aviation. With access to expertise in battery technology, energy supply and airport management and with the potential of several routes where fossil-free aircrafts may operate, the Skellefteå region is a great place to lead and drive green transitioning, comments Henrik Littorin, Project Manager.


About Skellefteå Airport

Skellefteå Aiport is Västerbotten’s second-largest airport, strategically located between cities Luleå and Umeå. It serves as a gate to the north of Sweden and Swedish Lapland, and reduces travel time for both business and leisure travels.

Skellefteå Airport is owned by Skellefteå Kommun and offers daily domestic flights to Arlanda, regular flights overseas to Gdansk and several charter destinations.


Want to know more about Skellefteå Airport’s solutions and strategies for a fossil-free airport?


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Robert Lindberg, CEO Skellefteå Airport
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