Apollo has decided to increase the number of departures from Skellefteå Airport in the summer of 2022 with trips to popular Crete and Rhodes with the newly opened sports hotel Levante powered by Playitas.

In the wake of the pandemic, the interest in safe forms of travel has become something we prioritize. Packages and charter trips are a very attractive choice for many more than before. Among the trends, you can also see that destinations that we have traveled to in many, such as Greece and Spain, are at the top. The high number of bookings at Apollo’s sports hotels, including the hotel group Playitas, also confirms that 2022 will be a year when we continue to prioritize an active holiday.

Traveling safely means that direct flights are more interesting. Apollo therefore chooses to increase the number of direct flights from Skellefteå Airport in the summer of 2022. During the summer season 2022, Apollo will offer seven direct charter departures to Crete and Rhodes directly from Skellefteå Airport.

– The Skellefteå region is growing at the same time as the airport has an optimal location in the middle of the cities along the coast of Norway. Apollo has therefore chosen to establish and increase the number of charter departures from Skellefteå Airport. We see that there is a great pent-up travel need and therefore want to ensure the need for solar travel for our customers in the area, says Sandra Miller Kinge, Communications Manager Apollo.

During the early summer, starting on May 4, Apollo will fly three charter flights to the popular Greek island of Rhodes, where the new sports hotel Levante powered by Playitas will also open. During August, four charter flights will start to the classic destination Crete – also with news for the summer of 2022.

– This year’s travel trends are definitely security, activity and interest-based travel. Our form of travel with packaged travel is more popular than ever and for the active we open new sports hotels such as Levante powered by Playitas in Rhodes. Interest also controls our hotel choices, so we are opening more concept hotels with, for example, activities, the environment and food tailored to our Scandinavian needs, Sandra Miller Kinge continues.

In Crete, the doors to Apollo’s new Mondo Duo hotel for adults, Amira Beach Resort & Spa, will open in 2022, and for families, the Apollo Mondo Family Hotel opened in 2021. Alegria Beach Resort is located in the small pearl Plakias on the south coast of Crete, surrounded by dramatic rock walls and lush greenery. The crystal clear water, its salts and minerals, make the fish dishes of a completely different dignity than many other places in Greece.

– We at Skellefteå Airport are very happy about Apollo’s decision to expand its charter departures from Skellefteå. The Skellefteå region’s growth with new companies and thousands of new residents means that the need for solar travel is increasing, which gives Apollo good conditions, says Skellefteå Airport’s CEO Robert Lindberg