We follow recommendations from the Swedish Public Health Agency, from airlines we act on and other relevant authorities regarding Covid-19.

– Some airlines require face masks onboard. Find out what applies for your trip with your airline.

– In the terminal, we want you to keep distance.

– Please check in at home (via the airlines web / app).

You can buy facemask in our gateshop or at the Information desk in the departure hall.

You can travel to the following countries as a Swedish citizen

Requirements for a negative covid test, vaccination and various restrictions apply when entering most countries. For current information and what applies to your destination, visit or

For other countries, the dissuasion applies until 31 May 2021.

Last updated: 2021-05-31




Skellefteå Airport invests in skills development in personnel safety

At the beginning of 2022, the requirements for activities that are subject to the Security Protection Act will be further tightened. This includes many aviation activities and activities related to aviation security – including our airport.

Through SRF (Sweden’s Regional Airports), we at Skellefteå Airport have developed the skills of our staff in various areas linked to safety and personnel safety in order to ensure that we are equipped with fresh knowledge in several areas that are affected by our fast-moving and insecure environment.

The training was conducted with security experts from SRI , one of Sweden’s leading security consulting companies in security protection focused on personnel security.

“We who participated in the training from Skellefteå Airport experienced that we gained a lot of new knowledge and insights about the threats and risks that are linked to our staff. We received reaffirmation that many of the efforts we already make today in security protection are effective and relevant, but also new knowledge and insights on how we can become even more effective and accurate in our preventive personnel security work, “says Peter Wiklund, Security Manager at Skellefteå Airport.