x1000w-BRA aircraft

BRA establishes air traffic to Gothenburg and Stockholm from Skellefteå Airport

The airline BRA has decided to establish summer traffic to Gothenburg and Stockholm-Bromma from Skellefteå Airport. The routes open up new opportunities for increased summer tourism to Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland from both Mälardalen and Västra Götaland, while at the same time improving accessibility to and from Skellefteå.

The airline BRA has had a low level of activity during the ongoing pandemic, but as more and more people are vaccinated, the airline is now planning to gradually start up its operations around Sweden. As the Skellefteå region is currently one of the largest growth regions in Europe, BRA has now decided to establish summer traffic to and from Skellefteå Immediately from both Gothenburg and Stockholm-Bromma.

The flights will start on Thursday 15 July and run until Sunday 15 August with departures to both Gothenburg and Stockholm-Bromma on Thursdays and Sundays. Skellefteå will thus be the only destination in Norrland that offers direct traffic to Gothenburg, which opens up for both incoming and outgoing tourism at the same time as the needs of the business community are also met.

If the traffic this summer turns out well and the establishment is appreciated by private individuals and businesses, BRA sees a good opportunity for a permanent establishment of daily regular traffic to Stockholm-Bromma. The prices for a single ticket to Gothenburg will be from SEK 800.

– The growth in Skellefteå and the surrounding area is unparalleled and with these direct lines we want to take a first initiative and contribute to that development. We hope that this summer’s air traffic will be well received by our customers and partners and that we can therefore offer climate-efficient and flexible travel alternatives for Skellefteå’s growing market over time, says BRA´’s commercial manager Ulrika Matsgård

– Skellefteå is growing and will both this summer and in the future have a great need for air traffic to and from our region. We see BRA’s establishment of direct traffic to both Gothenburg and Stockholm as an important step for our business community and our residents, while at the same time creating great opportunities for domestic tourism, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport.

– The swimming holiday trend is strong right now and we see a pent-up need to travel. With BRA’s summer flight, travelers from Mälardalen and the Gothenburg region are given the opportunity to discover another, and perhaps completely new, part of Sweden, says Maria Broman, CEO of Visit Skellefteå, who looks forward to welcoming visitors to Skellefteå and Swedish Lapland this summer.

– Air connections and accessibility are a crucial factor for our hospitality industry and it is both a sign of strength that you choose to invest now, as a signal of recovery in the market. The timing simply could not be better. From Skellefteå Airport you can easily get on to the whole of Swedish Lapland so the airport is very important to us, says Johanna Ögren, marketing strategist at the Swedish Lapland Visitors Board