Direct flight from Skellefteå to Visby during Almedalen Week

BRA will fly a direct route between Skellefteå and Visby during this summer’s politicians’ week in Almedalen. The route will be the only direct route to Visby from northern Sweden. The flights will be carried out with the purchase of 100% bio-aviation fuel, which thereby reduces fossil carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%.

The politicians’ week in Almedalen has over the years been a well-attended event with politicians, business and private individuals from all over Sweden. During the pandemic restrictions of recent years, the event has been carried out in hybrid form and with events in several places in Sweden. This year, Almedalen Week is back in place in Visby again.

Due to this, the airline BRA has decided to operate two flights directly from Skellefteå and northern Sweden to Visby. The flights will also be implemented through the purchase of bio-aviation fuel corresponding to the flights’ consumption. The bio aviation fuel that BRA uses reduces fossil CO 2 emissions by just over 80 percent, seen from a life cycle perspective. Almedalen Week is an important meeting place for politicians, the public sector and the business community. This year it will be carried out for five days and all party leaders have said that they will be in place.

– This is good news, with the growth taking place in Skellefteå and northern Sweden, this also creates opportunities for Skellefteå. The fact that we now have a direct connection facilitates smoother and more sustainable air travel at the same time as we can get flexible and adapted solutions for us in northern Sweden in the long term, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport

One of the issues discussed and important during this year’s Almedalen is infrastructure to be able to live and work throughout Sweden.

– The business community in Norrland is dependent on efficient and sustainable infrastructure in order to continue to develop at the pace we are now at. This route shows that with new thinking and creativity you can create new smart communications that the business community demands, says Anders Hjalmarsson, CEO of Västerbotten’s Chamber of Commerce.


As one of the world’s first airlines, BRA has chosen to invest in achieving net zero emissions as early as 2030. The net-zero strategy is measured and followed up in accordance with the scientific goals that exist today to reach below 1.5 degrees warming.

– Almedalen is very much about discussing the solutions of the future together – not least future sustainable solutions. Together with the business community in Skellefteå, we have chosen to show that the efficient and more sustainable infrastructure of the future is already here, says Maria Fiskerud, head of sustainability at BRA and continues:

– It gives both us and the industries that work with sustainable solutions in northern Sweden an opportunity to simultaneously follow up and stay within the 1.5 degree goal. Skellefteå Airport has been a driving force in getting this investment in place and is also a driving force when it comes to building an efficient and sustainable infrastructure for the business community in northern Sweden.


Since 2018, BRA has offered the customers to buy biofuel for their travels.
Now the next step is taken when all tickets for these departures are sold with biofuel.
The fuel will not be refueled on the current flights, but will be refueled a few times a year.

  • It works in the same way as when you buy green electricity for your house. You pay for your share of the green electricity in the system. As part of our SBTi, we will, at least once a year, report all measures and refueling that are done during the year. We work with how it should be reported in a simple and pedagogical way. We think it is important to show both the work we do, what our customers contribute and also our partners. It is together that we make a difference, says Maria Fiskerud.

The flights between Skellefteå and Visby will take place on Saturday 2 July and Wednesday 6 July and can be booked.

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