Due to Deturs cancelled flights

Detur has decided to review its operations in order to make a restart with recapitalization of the company at the same time as a reorganization is carried out with, among other things, the introduction of improved and developed technology to better meet future challenges.

As this involves changes in the organization and in the organization's processes, production and operation will be temporarily paused for a period. The remainder of the 2022 charter season will be cancelled.

We receive many questions regarding your bookings, unfortunately we cannot answer them, but we refer you to Detur.

Direct flights from Skellefteå to Gran Canaria

The charter companies TUI and Ving have decided to re-establish charter flights from Skellefteå Airport to the popular holiday resort of Gran Canaria. The trips that are in high demand will start on 19/12 2022 and last until 3/4 2023.

During the corona pandemic, charter trips have been difficult to implement, this has led to a large pent-up need for travel to popular destinations. During the spring, travel to and from Skellefteå increased, which is also reflected in the demand for charter travel.
Due to this, the tour operators TUI and Ving have decided to jointly offer charter trips to the Spanish tourist destination Gran Canaria.

The flights will start on 19 December -2022 and run every week until 3 April -2023

– This is very good news, we know that charter trips to Gran Canaria are incredibly popular and in demand, so I am completely convinced that this charter series will be a great success, says Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå Airport

– Skellefteå is growing and we obviously want to be part of that development. It feels incredibly fun to now be able to expand our winter program, which we already have to Thailand, with direct flights to Gran Canaria. Gran Canaria is a very popular winter destination so it is of course gratifying that we can now offer the people of Skellefteå this opportunity. Says Ronja Jakobsson, Communicator at TUI

– Ving will for the first time offer charter flights from Skellefteå to Gran Canaria for the coming winter. The local market in the Skellefteå region is growing strongly and Ving obviously wants to contribute to an increased range of travel alternatives from Skellefteå and Norrland, says Christine Tötterman at Ving.

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Christine Tötterman

Robert Lindberg
CEO Skellefteå Airport
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