New flight routes in the Kvarken region – the region is getting ready for electric flights

During the spring, work has been intensive within the FAIR electric aviation project and especially between Skellefteå Airport (SFT) and Kokkola-Jakobstad Airport (KOK) to establish a new scheduled airline. On Thursday 9 June, the actors gathered at both airports to hold two press conferences for the purpose and to announce the new cooperation, the background […]

Quick recovery for Skellefteå Airport

The number of passengers traveling to or from Skellefteå Airport has recovered rapidly since the pandemic restrictions were lifted. The traffic statistics for April 2022 show that the number of passengers was more compared to the same month in 2019. In April 2022, 22,774 passengers flew to or from Skellefteå Airport. In April 2019, when […]

Direct flight from Skellefteå to Visby during Almedalen Week

BRA will fly a direct route between Skellefteå and Visby during this summer’s politicians’ week in Almedalen. The route will be the only direct route to Visby from northern Sweden. The flights will be carried out with the purchase of 100% bio-aviation fuel, which thereby reduces fossil carbon dioxide emissions by up to 80%. The […]

Skellefteå develops drone logistics

Skellefteå Airport, Skellefteå Municipality, Skanska and the British company Urban-Air Port are initiating a collaboration linked to drone logistics. The goal is to integrate infrastructure for drone deliveries in the large logistics area Hammarängen, which is under development in Skellefteå. “Skellefteå is experiencing fantastic growth and we see an increased need for fast and sustainable […]

Apollo has decided to increase the number of departures from Skellefteå Airport in the summer of 2022 with trips to popular Crete and Rhodes with the newly opened sports hotel Levante powered by Playitas.

In the wake of the pandemic, the interest in safe forms of travel has become something we prioritize. Packages and charter trips are a very attractive choice for many more than before. Among the trends, you can also see that destinations that we have traveled to in many, such as Greece and Spain, are at […]

Skellefteå Airport invests in skills development in personnel safety

At the beginning of 2022, the requirements for activities that are subject to the Security Protection Act will be further tightened. This includes many aviation activities and activities related to aviation security – including our airport. Through SRF (Sweden’s Regional Airports), we at Skellefteå Airport have developed the skills of our staff in various areas […]

The first permanently placed electric aircraft has arrived at Skellefteå Airport

Now the first two electric planes that the flight school Green Flight Academy will use in its flight school have arrived at Skellefteå Airport. The aircraft is among the first to be permanently based at an airport in Scandinavia and will be used for the company’s green flight training. Skellefteå Airport is one of the […]

Now the people of Skellefteå can fly directly to Thailand

After a long break, it is now again possible to book a charter directly from Skellefteå Airport to Thailand with the travel company. Since the announcement that Thailand now welcomes Swedish tourists without a requirement for quarantine, the number of travel bookings at TUI has increased significantly and from Skellefteå, the booking situation is well […]

BRA will remain in Skellefteå – extend the traffic for the rest of the year

The airline BRA has decided to extend air traffic to Stockholm-Bromma from Skellefteå Airport for the rest of the year. The route is operated on Thursdays and Sundays during the autumn. “If we see the same good development in travel that we have seen during the summer, there are great opportunities for increased traffic to […]

Ryanair starts new domestic route between Skellefteå and Stockholm Arlanda

The airline Ryanair has decided to establish domestic traffic between Skellefteå Airport and Stockholm Arlanda two days a week. The airline means new alternatives for travel while improving accessibility to and from Skellefteå. The airline Ryanair has previously been based at Skavsta Airport in Nyköping, but in May the airline decided to move its base […]

Sweden’s most powerful electricity supply for aviation inaugurated at Skellefteå Airport

On Friday, Västerbotten’s Governor Helene Hellmark Knutsson inaugurated Sweden’s most powerful electricity supply for aviation at Skellefteå Airport. It is an important step in the journey towards commercial electric air traffic. Behind the investment are Skellefteå Airport and Skellefteå Kraft. In connection with the inauguration, Sweden’s northernmost flight to date was also made with an […]

Skellefteå Airport and Husqvarna in innovative collaboration

Skellefteå Airport and Husqvarna have started a collaboration for testing autonomous vehicles in complex environments and during the summer, the first machine at Skellefteå Airport was put into operation. Skellefteå Airport works with development in electrified aviation, procurement of bio-aviation fuel and today has a fossil-free business. Sustainability work is now continuing by assisting in […]

New direct flight between Amsterdam and Skellefteå increases tourism to Swedish Lapland.

The Dutch charter operator Voigt Travel has decided to expand its charter flights with direct flights from Amsterdam Schiphol to Skellefteå Airport in the winter season 2022. Voigt Travel will be every week during the period January 30 – March 13 to fly winter-hungry tourists to Skellefteå and tourist attractions in Swedish Lapland. In addition, […]

Skellefteå is developing a test route for vertically starting air traffic

Within the framework of the Swedish Energy Agency’s call “Fossil-free flight 2045”, Skellefteå Airport’s application has been approved. The application is about developing a test route between Skellefteå Airport and Northvolt One for electrically powered and vertical-starting aircraft, so-called eVTOL. Behind the application is a broad consortium with partners from both academia and the private […]